Judicial Services


Community Corrections Program – The goal of this program is to ensure public safety by providing probation supervision of misdemeanant offenders and non-violent felons. The program serves the three courts in Tazewell County, Circuit, District and Juvenile and Domestic Relations.

Community Safety Program – The program provides monitoring of eligible defendants awaiting trial and includes electronic monitoring. The program also serves the three courts in Tazewell County. The goal is to eliminate the overcrowding of the jail and save the county money on housing costs.

Community Sentencing Program – The program provides offenders with the opportunity to pay fines and court costs owed      to the three courts by performing community service at non-profit agencies through-out the County. It also provides court ordered community service.

Classes offered by Clinch Valley Community Action include: 

  • Anger Management
  • Alcohol Education
  • Shoplifting Diversion
  • Financial Management
  • Substance Abuse Education


  • Leisha Powers – Community Corrections Co-Director, (276) 988-5583, ext. 334, lpowers@clinchvalleycaa.org
  • Charles King, Community Safety C0-Director, (276) 988-5583, ext. 318, cking@clinchvalleycaa.org
  • Yvette Patterson, Probation Officer, (276) 988-5583, ext. 317
  • Emily Poskas, Intake Officer, (276) 988-5583, ext. 322
  • Open, Community Safety Officer, (276) 988-5583, ext. 345 or 246

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