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“Nothing we can do can change the past, but everything we do changes the future.”

Community Corrections Program – The goal of this program is to ensure public safety by providing probation supervision of misdemeanant offenders and non-violent felons. The program serves the three courts in Tazewell County, Circuit, District and Juvenile and Domestic Relations.

Community Safety Program – The program provides monitoring of eligible defendants awaiting trial and includes electronic monitoring. The program also serves the three courts in Tazewell County. The goal is to eliminate the overcrowding of the jail and save the county money on housing costs.

Community Sentencing Program – The program provides offenders with the opportunity to pay fines and court costs owed      to the three courts by performing community service at non-profit agencies through-out the County. It also provides court ordered community service.

Classes/Workshops offered by Clinch Valley Community Action include: 

  • Anger Management – Participants are provided an opportunity to explore the role anger plays in life and offers strategies for managing and changing the way a person experiences as well as expresses anger.
  • Alcohol Education – Participants learn facts about alcohol and the effects on the body, judgment, driving ability and long term health.  Common myths are dispelled, national statistics are provided and blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and its many variables are discussed.
  • Shoplifting Diversion – Participants learn to recognize faulty beliefs and are encouraged to change their shoplifting behaviors.  It provides an opportunity to gain some information and insight into the shoplifting behavior that will help avoid further negative consequences from their actions.
  • Substance Abuse Education – Participants meet with a licensed CSAC (certified substance abuse counselor) each week.  They work through a MATRIX Program, learning about  the “con game”.  They are required to participate in class discussions and homework pertaining to values, thinking errors, personal growth, responsible attitudes, life management, relapse prevention and making a plan for change with a positive and consistent  message. Random drug and alcohol screens are conducted.


  • Anger Management— $50.00
  • Alcohol Education— $50.00
  • Shoplifting Diversion— $50.00
  • Substance Abuse Education— $50.00 monthly  (at least 12 classes are required to be eligible for  a certificate of completion)

General Information

  • Workshops/classes are scheduled based on participants’ needs.
  • Workshops/classes are NOT lecture-based.  Rather, they include a discussion– based method of teaching that facilitates learning and recognition.
  • The facilitator is cross-trained and is knowledgeable of each workshop/class offered.
  • Workshops/classes meet the requirements as set forth by most courts.
  • Based upon need, workshops/classes can be held at other locations.

All workshop/class materials are provided.


  • Leisha Powers – Community Corrections Co-Director, (276) 988-5583, ext. 334, lpowers@clinchvalleycaa.org
  • Charles King, Community Safety C0-Director, (276) 988-5583, ext. 318, cking@clinchvalleycaa.org
  • Yvette Patterson, Probation Officer, (276) 988-5583, ext. 317
  • Rita Testerman, Intake Officer, (276) 988-5583, ext. 322
  • Open, Community Safety Officer, (276) 988-5583, ext. 345 or 246

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