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The Special Projects Department consists of Emergency Funding, Camp Joy Summer Camp, Camp Joy Rentals and Project Discovery.

Emergency Services

The Emergency Services program is comprised of multiple funding sources that are geared towards helping individuals with past due utility bills.  One specific funding source that is available periodically to help with heating fuel as well as utilities is the EFSP (Emergency Food & Shelter Program). Funding is made possible by multiple funding sources ranging from Federal, State, and Local levels as well as private donations.

While there are multiple funding sources, they are not all open at the same time.  Funding for assistance opens and closes periodically throughout the year.  All funding assistance is based on the availability of funds.

General requirements for most funding sources are as follows:

  • Completed Emergency Services Application
  • Household must be at 150% FPG (Federal Poverty Guideline) or lower
  • Photo ID
  • Proof of all household income
  • Person listed on utility bill must LIVE in household.

EFSP (Emergency Food and Shelter Program)

The EFSP program is a program designed to assist with utility bills and heating fuel (coal, wood, propane, kerosene).  EFSP program period varies and remains open only as funding allows.  CVCA has partnered with Center for Christian Action (CFCA) to help the residents of Tazewell County when EFSP funding is available.

General requirements of the EFSP program are as follows:

  • Completed EFSP application
  • Proof of all household income
  • Termination bill for utilities or heating fuel company name and phone number
  • Photo ID
  • Person listed on utility bill must LIVE in household.
  • Household must be at or below 150% FPG (Federal Poverty Guideline)

Service Area:

Clinch Valley Community Action

  • Tazewell, North Tazewell, Tannersville, Pounding Mill, Cedar Bluff, Richlands, Jewell Ridge, Raven, Doran, Springville, Bluefield VA, Falls Mills, Pocahontas, Abbs Valley and Bishop.

Contact Liz Lester (Ext. 346) or Alisha Stiltner (Ext. 216) at 276-988-5583 for application or information regarding the EFSP program.

Special Emergency Funding

Occasionally special funding is received to assist individuals in need.

CVCA is an application center for Dollar Energy for AEP customers.

For an application or further information please contact Liz Lester (Ext. 346) or Alisha Stiltner (Ext. 216) at 276-988-5583.

Camp Joy Summer Camp

Discover the Joy in Camp Joy

The opportunities for children today are remarkable.  Few, however, can provide the kind of profound experience available at a sleep-away camp.  At a time when we hope to give our kids the skills they need to succeed, we sometimes miss the forest for the trees.  Camp Joy is a place for kids to grow stronger physically and emotionally, to find challenges and discover a new confidence, develop character with new adventures and have a blast with new and old friends.

Camp Joy is a non-profit camp especially held to provide low-income and at-risk children the opportunity to attend camp.  Over a thousand children have enjoyed attending day and overnight camp with the reopening of the facility through the joint efforts of volunteers, local organizations, churches, businesses, local government, and individuals.  We provide three weeks of Overnight Camps, two junior weeks for children 6-12 and one senior week for youth adults 12-16.  The cost of Overnight Camp is $120 per camper, per week and Day Camp is $60 per camper.  Our belief is every child should have the opportunity to attend camp over the summer.  With the help from donations and special grants we have full scholarships available that families can apply for that are easy and confidential. The majority of campers have attended Camp Joy on scholarships over the last several years thanks to donations and special grants.

Any church, civic groups, businesses and/or individuals wishing to help send a child to camp are encouraged to send donations to Camp Joy, P.O. Box 188, North Tazewell, VA, 24630.  Anyone with additional questions about making a donation for a child to attend camp, applications for camp or about renting Camp Joy should click on Contact Camp Joy or call 276-988-5583.

Applications for Summer Camp are available at Clinch Valley Community Action main office, by mail. or online at

For more information, please contact Liz Lester (Ext. 346) or Ashley Underwood (Ext. 216) at 276-988-5583.


The camp also features a picnic pavilion and special playground for children ages 7 and under.  Camp Joy is available to be rented for business, church and family events.   Additional playground equipment can be enjoyed by older children.  Bathroom facilities are also available.  The picnic area and recreation center are well lighted.  Cost for rental is $50.00 per day.  Renters are required to complete a rental agreement.  For more information, please contact Liz Lester at 276-988-5583 Ext. 346.

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