From the Director

I recently read a quote on a local church marquis something to the effect that, “Failure is not when you fall down—it is when you do not try to get up.”  That really struck my heart, because in my mind, poverty works pretty much the same way.  Sometimes circumstances create a crisis situation or environment for individuals and families—it is not their fault.  In my nearly thirty- eight years of working with this issue, most people have not chosen poverty to be their way of life, circumstances have created it for them.  And for most of them, they do not try to do something about it.

What does poverty look like?  Poverty takes on the face of a malnourished child.  It takes on the face of the frail elderly.  The face of poverty is one with bruises outwardly and lifetime scars inwardly.  It takes on the face of lost pride and hopelessness.  It can be in any home at any time.  It may be a neighbor, a friend, a family member or a church member.  It is showing in a neighborhood near you.

The causes of poverty are not just CVCA’s problems.  They are the problems of our community, our state and our nation.  I am proud of the efforts being made to tear the heart out of poverty and restore the smiles, the health and the happiness of those who do try to get up when they have fallen down.  Sometimes all poverty needs is a helping hand.

CVCA is one helping hand in the Tazewell County community.  We have dedicated ourselves to the vision and mission for improving the quality of lives for others.  It has been a pleasure to work with such a dedicated Board of Directors and staff, and I am always impressed by the excellent cooperation of and devotion from our businesses, service agencies, government and individuals in our community.

Our employees are such a precious resource, and we strive to provide personal and career opportunities that will encourage their creativity and continued dedication.  Our Board of Directors supports the efforts of and is committed to making the staff the “best they can be.”  Our volunteers continue to be major part of our caring service to the community.

I look forward to the many opportunities we will have to expand our services and continue to create a strong network of individuals and organizations that can meet the needs in our community.  I welcome the chance to work with our community to defeat poverty—

Robin Boyd, Executive Director